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I am a mother of five children, four daughters all born in hospital (two now grown up!) and my son, born at home. One thing I know is that I would have had much more positive birth experiences if I had been well informed and well supported. Many women are feeling the same way and are seeking out the extra care a Doula can give them. I have been a Birth and Postnatal Doula for several years now, and am also a Lamaze Childbirth Educator providing 1-1 classes in antenatal preparation and baby care. I have special classes to help parents prepare for twins, homebirth, waterbirth, and parenting a new baby/babies. I am also a qualified antenatal teacher with the NCT and facilitate group classes in the Rugby/Coventry area. As a single mother I have an affinity with the special challenges of one parent families, or families where one partner is unavailable much of the time to offer support.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Demeter Retreat - Celebrating Motherhood!

Do you have to give up your life when you become a mother and settle for a life of domesticity and servitude? Only if you want to! Yet it is enormously difficult in Western Culture to find a balance between a mother’s needs and the needs of the family. This retreat aims to uncover hopes that were locked away with the arrival of our babies and to seek this elusive balance.
In times gone by, women supported each other, gathering to... tell their stories and to craft. Research now shows that these activities lead to stronger mental health and better problem solving ability. I believe that we can reclaim this community of women and make our lives richer for it.
Where do we start? Certainly telling our own stories is a powerful beginning. We might also look to myths and fairy tales to find role models and illumination for our lives. The first goddesses were all powerful and ruled all aspects of the heavens and earth, gradually they became diluted and were divided into several gods and goddesses, however we can learn from the attributes of each character. Demeter was the goddess of the harvest and a mother herself, which is why the retreat has been named after her. She divided her time between motherhood and ensuring that the grain grew and the rain fell, pretty fulfilling work!
The retreat will use nature, craft, storytelling and discussion to consider how we can retain our individual identity and dreams whilst nurturing our children, regardless of their age.
We look forward to seeing you there.
A day to explore and celebrate your life as a mother, whether your child is a baby, adult or somewhere in the middle.
Through storytelling, craft, yoga and discussion we will look at aspects of motherhood and consider how to retain our individual identity and dreams whilst nurturing our children.
To include three meals and refreshments.
Payments in installments available, full cost to be paid 28 days in advance of event
Overnight accommodation available Friday & Saturday nights @ £30 per night.

Contact Rebecca @ rebeccacoates74@gmail.com or myself @ fay@sacredspiraldoula.co.uk for a booking form or more information

.......Welcome Baby Finley!.......

A huge welcome to Baby Finley born on Christmas day at home!
Well done to his fantastic mum who decided to have her first baby at home where she felt safe and in control.

Gorgeous Finley was born at 4.09am Christmas morning 2010! What a wonderful and special day that was!

I will always treasure the memories of this very special Christmas, and huge thanks to new mum for giving me the honour of being her Doula. Congratulations and welcome to the world Baby Finley!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx