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I am a mother of five children, four daughters all born in hospital (two now grown up!) and my son, born at home. One thing I know is that I would have had much more positive birth experiences if I had been well informed and well supported. Many women are feeling the same way and are seeking out the extra care a Doula can give them. I have been a Birth and Postnatal Doula for several years now, and am also a Lamaze Childbirth Educator providing 1-1 classes in antenatal preparation and baby care. I have special classes to help parents prepare for twins, homebirth, waterbirth, and parenting a new baby/babies. I am also a qualified antenatal teacher with the NCT and facilitate group classes in the Rugby/Coventry area. As a single mother I have an affinity with the special challenges of one parent families, or families where one partner is unavailable much of the time to offer support.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The beautiful baby Ethan!

..........Welcome baby Ethan, a most gorgeous baby boy! born on 7th March 2011, a lovely gentle labour, congratulations to first time mum and dad, Collette and Bill - you were fabulous!! xxx

xxxWelcome to the world baby Jed!xxx

Welcome to the world baby Jed born at 43weeks on 25th January 2011, and congratulations to his amazing family.. Jed arrived after his mum was led on an amazing journey through a planned homebirth onto a transfer and emergency cesarean section.. sometimes this is the way is is going to need to be to welcome a baby safely into the world.. and this was Jed's way. His mum was absolutely amazing and instinctively knew that Jed was reaching a point that she was going to have to ask for assistance to meet her baby.. and she was right!

thank you for chosing me as your doula and sharing your journey with me, it was a truly amazing birth that I shall always remember with gratitude and awe. xxxxx

Demeter Retreat - Celebrating Motherhood!

A huge thankyou to all the wonderful mothers who came along to the Demeter retreat yesterday and shared a wonderful day all together - celebrating motherhood!

We shared a lovely breakfast, lunch and evening meal together and took part in activities that made us think about our lives as women, mothers, lovers, wives, daughters.. the list goes on.. !!

A special moment for me was the barefoot outside yoga under the light of the full orange moon - the largest full moon in 18 years - beautiful! :-)
The next womens retreat will be a 'red tent' event.. email me or Rebecca for details...