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I am a mother of five children, four daughters all born in hospital (two now grown up!) and my son, born at home. One thing I know is that I would have had much more positive birth experiences if I had been well informed and well supported. Many women are feeling the same way and are seeking out the extra care a Doula can give them. I have been a Birth and Postnatal Doula for several years now, and am also a Lamaze Childbirth Educator providing 1-1 classes in antenatal preparation and baby care. I have special classes to help parents prepare for twins, homebirth, waterbirth, and parenting a new baby/babies. I am also a qualified antenatal teacher with the NCT and facilitate group classes in the Rugby/Coventry area. As a single mother I have an affinity with the special challenges of one parent families, or families where one partner is unavailable much of the time to offer support.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Sacred Placenta - Forgotten Knowledge

A short while ago I attended a workshop ran by the lovely Elizabeth Worley from http://www.barefootbirthing.co.uk where we explored the importance of the placenta in birth culture, it's history, taboos and traditional uses.

It was an interesting day with lots of discussion between us (mostly Doulas) about how to support the spiritual needs of women who aspire to experiencing the birthing process as a holistic and spiritual process for themselves, their baby and their family.

Lotus Birthing has become more popular as women are more informed and confident in making choices complementary to their life philosophy. It is becoming more recognised that the current birthing culture within the 'medical establishment' is often neglectful of the deeper spiritual needs of women and their desire to make the transition to motherhood a recognised and fulfilling rite of passage.

By making the choice to Lotus birth women are not only making a 'spiritual' choice, but also reclaiming their rights to their own birthing experiences, providing a wonderful platform to begin their mothering journey as confident and empowered mothers.

Lotus births are fabulous, but some families may chose that having the cord intact for an extended period of time is 'not for them' so to be able to explore what other options there are can help them work out what does suit them.

Sacred severance, or cord burning involves the separation of the placenta from the baby via burning the cord. it works best at a minimum of four hours post birth, and can be done anytime thereafter.. it is not a quick process.. often 15 - 30 minutes and is perfectly suited to a sacred and spiritual ritual to welcome baby earthside and the safe transition through labour for the new mother.

If the parents chose, the placenta can still be consumed, buried or made into remedies - such as a placental essence, or encapsulation.

I am very excited to now be able to offer my support to couples who wish to celebrate the birth of their baby with this gentle ritual. I have already have had the honour of doularing for mothers who have chosen lotus births, placental remedies, and burying ceremonies, and am really pleased that I will now be able to offer sacred severance rituals too!

Here is a lovely video..

Please support Robin Lim at the Bumi Sehat Birth Centre by buying her book: The Placenta, The Forgotten Chakra..

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